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Multiply your Bitcoins with a reliable Telegram bot.  See a new standard for managing your assets.

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Use Telegram

To use our bot you need the Telegram application installed. Desktop or mobile version. You can download it here


Send BTC to the address generated for you by our bot. Bot will remember your Telegram account and you'll always have access to it.

Withdraw Profits

you can withdraw profits when you want, if your account balance is equal or greater than 0.001 BTC. Withdrawals are instant!

Promote & EARN

You can get more BTC by recommending BitFalcon Telegram bot to other people. We have 3-level referral commission 6%-2%-1%


We meet the expectations of the investment market. We offer a simple investment tool available to everyone. All you need is the Telegram app on your phone or any other device.

We do all the work - you get a certain profit!

In the era of today's investment opportunities using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for immediate transactions, we are able to offer our investors a certain profit of 4% per day. Our activities are focused on quick buy-and-sell transactions and arbitrage with cryptocurrencies. The methods we have developed, as well as numerous verified signals that we receive several times a day, make us able to guarantee the promised profits. Our investment plan assumes a profit with return of capital within 60 days (240% ROI).

our Investment offer

We have prepared one stable investment plan for everyone.
The plan assumes a certain profit that can be achieved by our team.


  • Duration: 60 Days
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 Bitcoin
  • Maximum Deposit: no limit
  • Total ROI: 240%
  • Capital included in Profit
  • Instant Withdrawals


  •  Deposit:
  •   Daily Profit:


  •   Total Profit:



If something is still incomprehensible, read the frequently asked questions.
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To invest and earn every day you need to have the Telegram app installed. You must also have a Bitcoin wallet to make a deposit and receive withdrawals.

Download Telegram:

Bitcoin Wallets:

Buy Bitcoins:

You can invest any amount greater than or equal to 0.001 BTC. There is no limit in the amount of investment. You can also make several deposits at the same time.
You will earn 4% daily for 60 days from your deposit. Your capital is included in the profit, so the total ROI is 240% after 60 days.
Each deposit is calculated separately and each brings income for 60 days from the day it was made. All profits are transferred to your account balance.

Your deposit will be visible and start working after 2/2 Blockchain confirmations.
The time depends on the fee you add when sending BTC and network load at the moment. Usually, it takes about 20-30 minutes.

Withdrawals are instant. The payment should appear on your wallet immediately after the request.

By selecting "Referrals" from the main menu you can see your Referral Link. Share it with others who also want to invest using BitFalcon bot.
You will receive a commission from the first, second and third level of your structure.
The commission will go directly to Your Account Balance. There is no limit amount of commission, so your earning potential is unlimited. Good Luck!

3-Level Affiliate Program

Earn extra money by recommending our Telegram Bot to other people.
Get up to 9% deposits commission from people registered with Your Referral Link.
Share your referral link wherever you can.  Any form of advertising will work for you!

1st Level - 6%

2nd Level - 2%

3rd Level - 1%

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